Richpeace automatic irregularly-shaped hole perforation embroidery sewing (turning head) machine

  •  It adopts independent driving rotary head and hook mechanism. The head and hook can rotary 360 degrees, avoiding the difference quality of positive and negative stitch.

  • The rotary punching mechanism can install up to 6 kinds of special-shaped knifes, and very knife can realize 360-degree rotation, punching out the pattern at any angle to enrich the punching design.

  • Integrated embroidery, sewing and punching in one machine, Arbitrary design and easily realize the complicated process of arbitrarily matching punching, embroidering and sewing.

  • The embroidery speed can be up to 1000 rpm, the sewing speed can reach 1000 rpm, and the punching speed can reach 800 holes/min.

  • Optional punching knife: round knife, square knife, rectangular knife, diamond knife, elliptical knife, etc. Irregularly-shaped hole (hole diameter range 1mm-5mm)

  • Embroidery and sewing stitches have good consistency, stable quality, and low defective products.

  • Automatic oil supply function for hook, the embroidery and sewing heads supply oil automatically.

  • Stainless steel countertop is durable and easy to clean.



Suitable for car seat, floor mat, air craft seat, furniture, sports shoes, leather shoes, leather clothes, leather bags, etc

  • Model - RPCE-L-P+E+S -1-1200X800-B-P6+F9+IS-VR1,VR2-LH-RH-1P220,CL15
  • Working area: 1200mmx800mm
  • Speed: Embroidery and sewing≤1000 rpm,punching≤800 holes/min
  • Stitch step: 0.1-12.7mm
  • Punching knife: Round knife, square knife, rectangular knife, diamond knife, elliptical knife, etc. Hole diameter range 1mm-5mm
  • Sewing needle: DP×17 (18#-23#)
  • Embroidery needle: Optional 9#-16#
  • Head lift height: 50 (mm)
  • Power supply: 3 phases380V, 50HZ
  • Power & Air pressure: 6.0Kw, 0.6Mpa
  • Machine size: 7155× 2655 × 1750mm



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