Audaces 360


Audaces 360 is the Most Complete Solution that offers to the companies the ability to fully manage their entire collection and production, from creation to industrialization until to production.

It’s like a SERVICE that with a monthly payment, interesting and advantageous, it offers all the Audaces softwares for a 100% complete Work Cycle, sw updates, Audaces platform in Audaces web site (patterns, tutorials, help) and supports.

One complete workstation for each operator/pc of the company.

  • Audaces Idea 4D;
  • Audaces Idea;
  • Audaces Digiflash Plus and XT; (digiboard or digitable-hardware a part).
  • Audaces Pattern and Marker Expert;
  • Audaces Supera;
  • Audaces Ultraspool and Plotter Audaces Jet Lux; (plotter a part).
  • ***Audaces I.S.A. it‘s a kind of collection planning, the organization of the collection work plane, monitor and update each collection processing steps to optimize time and costs. It’s an Audaces news, it’s in fase of development and for now I have only a video to show.


AUDACES GO: virtual key, it contains the license for the operation of the softwares.

AUDACES IDEA 4D : software for designer; fashion sketch creates in 3D and fabric effects.

With the last software developments, now it combines creativity with productivity; it‘s not a classic 3D, it’s not only a drawing, but sw also allows the creation of the pieces in 2D from the drawing itself.

It will allow to go directly in Marker and to have an idea of fabric consumption and cost, without to make patterns and prototypes before.

From drawing to final cost without other intermediate steps.

AUDACES IDEA: software for the creation of product data sheet; drawing in 2D, material sheet, sheet of cost, variants of fabric and colours. It joins the tools of word, excel and photoshop in a single software.

AUDACES DIGIFLASH: software for the fast acquisition of the paper patterns. Blackboard or fix table and photo of 7 megapixel or more.

AUDACES APPAREL: Complete CAD of Audaces. Composed by:

  • AUDACES PATTERN : software CAD for the creation, modification and the development of the product.
  • AUDACES MARKER : software for the creation and elaboration of the marker on            

Audaces can to import and to export DXF/AAMA file with more compatibility with others CAD.

And offers a direct import converter: Lectra, Gerber, Investronica and Assyst.

In Marker can be exported and imported ISO (cutting file) and HPGL (print file).

AUDACES SUPERA: additional software for the automatic marker at the industrial level. It manages different marker queue sent from the others pc/Marker.



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